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Valuation Examples
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   T v T (1998)
  T v T (1998)

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In this case the couple were married for 14.5 years and at the time of divorce they had no children. The wife had worked for 7 years, was entitled to £175,000 to purchase her own house and 50% of £36,000 of join savings. She was also entitled to £22,000 per annum in maintenance until her remarriage or death, reducing to £17,000 after a year assuming she could earn £5,000 per annum herself.

The court held that the law did not require the court to make compensation for loss of pension rights, despite the request from the wife for an earmarking order on her husband's pension, and compensation for potential lost widows pension. Only the husband's death in service benefits were earmarked. The Judge considered the valuation method used by providers being the cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) but questioned the possibility of finding an accurate value and therefore whether the CETV Method was worthwhile.

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  55 £3,620  
  60 £4,081  
  65 £4,786  
  70 £5,656  
  55 £3,320  
  60 £3,783  
  65 £4,382  
  70 £5,102  
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