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Annuity Rates

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Valuation examples
Valuation Examples
Pension values can be
30% higher than the CETV.
  Valuation Examples  
Valuation report
Valuation Reports
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for a defined benefit scheme.
  Valuation Reports  
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Barber v GRE (1990)
  Sex discrimination case in the European Courts on pensions
Valuation reports
  Value a pension on divorce online or with a pension audit
Brooks v Brooks (1995)
  Couple family business, assets in a SSAS divided
Burrow v Burrow (1999)
  2 children, 16 year marriage, earmarking order income offset
H v H (1993)
  3 children, only consider duration of 12 year marriage
T v T (1998)
  No children, 14.5 year marriage and a limited pension awarded
White v White (2000)
  Landmark case, £4m assets, change in direction of the law
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Annuity Rates
  55 £4,574  
  60 £4,961  
  65 £5,691  
  70 £6,478  
  55 £4,142  
  60 £4,610  
  65 £5,238  
  70 £6,098  
£100,000 purchase, level and standard rates
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