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  About Us
  Introduction is one of the leading websites providing quantitive information for a wide range of annuity rates to helps customers with UK pension funds to find the highest income at retirement using an open market option that can be 25% higher than the rate offered by the customers existing provider. If customers are smokers or have health problems this increase can be even higher.

Our aim is to help customers to compare the highest rates on offer from the providers with a range of different features so they can make a decision about the annuity that will meet their personal circumstances. Through our partner firms we can offer the customer free annuity quotes, with no obligation and approach all providers in the market to find the highest rates for the annuity that meets the customer needs and in the majority of cases increase the retirement income offered by thier current provider.

For those customers that need to value a defined benefit pension on divorce we have a number of actuarial services that can be acessed and paid for online or offline where a report is required as evidence in court. website

The website attracts over one million page visits a year. It has developed to provide individuals with in-depth knowledge and information regarding annuity rates, annuities, pensions in general, pension on divorce and retirement planning. The glossary is designed for a quick but detailed description of terms with links to other pages for greater explanation of the topics.

  How does make money? has established agreements with our partner firms to receive a commission payment when a customer chooses us to purchase an annuity or actuarial report. These arrangements allow us to keep the website a free service.

  Financial Services

The website does not itself provide services and advice. Services and advice are offered by our partner firms around annuities, income drawdown, pension transfers, pensions on divorce and advice to small and medium companies regarding pensions and taxation. For those that require free annuity quotes with no obligation and approach all providers in the market the website has a number of easy to follow forms designed for particular customer needs such as standard quotes, smoker or diabetes rates, impaired health or purchased life annuities.

To value a defined benefit (final salary) scheme on divorce visitors can purchase a £80 Actuarial Report online and is signed off by an accredited actuary. This can be printed off and you can discuss the findings with your solicitor. For more detailed pension problems that may involve changing a pension arrangement the website offers similar forms and all these enquiries will be dealt with by our partner firms.

  Why do people use

People use because we help them to make the best decison about their retirement income or to know the value of their defined benefit pension. For people retiring we enable them to compare the benefits of different types of annuities and for those with larger pensions, the benefits of income drawdown.

For annuities we compare the highest rates from open market options that can increase the retirement income customers can expect by up to 25% higher than that offered by their existing provider. If customers are smokers or have health problems this increase can be even higher.

For customers in the process of divorce that need to value a defined benefit pension can access an online service to produce an actuarial report from £25 in only ten minutes with more detailed and comprehensive reports suitable as evidence in court available if required.

  Pensions and Actuarial Expertise works closely with a limited number of other partner firms. These firms are either authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) or actuarial firms and are listed in the terms and conditions under partner fiirms. Where we consider it appropriate, we will submit your details in accordance with our terms and conditions and privacy policy to one of these firms in order that your enquiry can be dealt with most effectively. Where necessary enquiries are handled by individuals with the relevant qualifications such as the Financial Planning Certificate and Advanced Financial Planning Certificate (AFPC) qualification of G60 Pensions or accredited actuary.   This website is for marketing purposes only and does not provide specific financial or legal advice. Website security issued by GeoTrust and Equifax. Copyright©2001-21 All Rights Reserved