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Annuity Rates

   Pensions Valuation
Valuation examples
Valuation Examples
Pension values can be
30% higher than the CETV.
  Valuation Examples  
Valuation reports
Valuation Reports
From only £80 you can value
a defined benefit scheme.
  Valuation Reports  
  Your choice of categories are:
Valuations summary
  Which report applies to your situation, actuary profile
Valuation reports
  Value a pension on divorce online or with a pension audit
Valuation examples
  Results from different types of schemes, ages and earnings
Report suitability
  Find out which reports are suitable for your pension
Uniformed valuation
  See an example where 3 times the CETV is not uncommon
Specimen report
  Example of the 5-page report to value a pension on divorce
Information required
  Important short list of details you need to complete the form
Pension valuation FAQs
  Common questions for these reports and when to use them
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Annuity Rates
  55 £4,250  
  60 £4,700  
  65 £5,503  
  70 £6,173  
  55 £4,001  
  60 £4,383  
  65 £5,061  
  70 £5,567  
£100,000 purchase, level and standard rates
Latest Rates
Annuity Quotes
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