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Final Salary Transfer Review
  Benefits of Our Service

Free final salary transfer review - Receive your no obligation review to show if a transfer can improve on your scheme benefits
Yes Freedom and control - Access the benefits as income or lump sum amounts to suit your immediate circumstances
Yes Extra tax free cash - Take tax free cash now or at a later date
Yes Benefits for your family - Wealth can be passed on down the generations without being subject to inheritance tax
Yes Keep your options open - In flexi-access drawdown you can buy an annuity with all or part of the fund at any time
Final salary pension transfer
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Free final salary transfer review
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Should I transfer my final salary pension?
It is important to remember that there are many factors to consider before cashing in or transferring your defined benefit scheme, and as such obtaining suitable advice from a suitably qualified pension transfer specialist is essential. Final salary pension transfers are irreversible and so before proceeding with a transfer you need to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages.

The following questions consider issues that are important in determining if a transfer of your defined benefit scheme might be suitable. By giving genuine answers to each question, you will be given some initial guidance on whether a transfer might be appropriate.
1. I am happy to risk the value of my pension savings on the stock market.
Yes No
2. If my income from my pension reduced for any reason it would seriously impact my standard of living.
Yes No
3. I want my pension to be as simple, secure and protected as possible.
Yes No
4. My Final Salary pension is going to be a very small part of my overall income when I retire.
Yes No
5. I want the option to vary the income I take from my pension savings in retirement.
Yes No
6. I want to use this pension as an inheritance for future generations rather than income for me in retirement.
Yes No
7. I have financial dependants and need to make provisions for them.
Yes No
8. A lump sum payable from my pension on my death is important.
Yes No
9. I have reason to believe I have a shortened life expectancy.
Yes No
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This final salary pension transfer review service is free of charges and by submitting this form you are not under any obligation to transfer benefits through us.

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We provide a free initial review to assess your scheme and determine whether a pension transfer is suitable by considering your income, assets, goals, background and risk appetite.

The final salary transfer review can show whether a transfer is possible for you and if it is suitable, can lead to a greater control and ownership of your future income.

By requesting a final salary pension transfer review you are not under any obligation to transfer benefits through us.
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Your review will be provided by Colin Thorburn and our team with a combined experience in pension planning of 70 years.

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