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Immediate Care Annuity Quote
  Benefits of Our Service

Free care quote - Receive your no obligation immediate care annuity estimate of the funds you need
Yes Cap the cost of care - Limit the total cost of long term care
Yes Inflation proof the income - Meet future rise in care costs
Yes Reduce inheritance tax - The annuity can reduce IHT liability
Yes Specialist advice - We can help you select the best option
Immediate care annuity
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Free Care Annuity Quote

Your details are only used in relation to your free care quote. We would recommend you call us to give the details over the phone including any medical information and activities of daily living, saving you time.

We assumed you are completing this form on behalf of the applcant, therefore please state your relationship with them (e.g. son, daughter, friend, care home manager etc) and give your name and contact details.
Please confirm you give your consent for us to process your data and to communicate results from all providers to you in accordance with the Privacy Policy by ticking the boxes below for the type of service that is of interested to you:
FREE Quote * Full Care Report
The free quote service can also include securing guaranteed offers from all the providers but this may require further medical information about the applicatant.

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Funds for care annuity
Please indicate the total annual cost of care. The income provided by an annuity is usually the annual care costs less existing annual income (you may wish to add more annuity income to cover personal expenses).

Please also indicate below if you have secured NHS funding or support from the Local Authority to cover some of the costs of care and this should be included in the existing annual income.
Total annual cost of care *  
Existing annual income *  
Income provided by the annuity *  
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Funding from the NHS?:
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Funding from the Local Authority?:
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Please complete the following if you are currently being provided with care:  
Not currently receiving care:  
Care Home (with nursing care):  
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Own Home:  
Duration of care to date (if applicable):  

Medical Conditions
Please indicate if the applicant suffers from or has so in the past, any of the following diseases or impairments:
  No Yes  
  No Yes  
Heart Failure  
Respiratory Disease  
Pressure Ulcers  
Please indicate if one or more of the following disabling diseases have been diagnosed:
  No Yes  
  No Yes  
Multiple Sclerosis  
Motor Neurone Disease  
Parkinson's Disease  

Activities of daily living
Please indicate if your relative has difficulty with any of the following Activities of Daily Living:  
  Good Poor  
Please indicate if you r relative is independant or needs help for any of the following Activities of Daily Living:
  Independent Needs Help  
Transfer (bed to chair and back)  
Toilet use  
Nutrition and feeding  
Additional comments you would like to make:
This quote service is free of charges and by submitting this form you are not under any obligation or commitment to purchase an annuity through us.

Your personal data is and the information you are sending is secured by GeoTrust and verified by Equifax. Please ensure you have reviewed the following before continuing:

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Important information
you need to know
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An immediate care annuity quote gives you an indication of the fund required for care.

It is suitable for an elderly relative entering a residential or nursing home. The cost of this cover is usually 4 to 5 times the annual income required (eg £10,000 in annual income would need capital
of between £40,000-£50,000).

For guaranteed offers from providers, further medical information would be needed including a report from a relatives Doctor in order to secure the best offers from providers.
About our services
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FREE Quote
By submitting this form you are not under any obligation or commitment to purchase an immediate care annuity from us. The quote service will give you an estimate of the income or fund required for care fees and is free of charge.

With more detailed information about the applicant this free quote service can also provide you with guaranteed offers from the immediate needs providers.

Full Care Report
A full care report on your relatives care options includes insurance, investment and immediate care annuity.

The report secures guaranteed offers from the immediate care providers requiring more detailed information about the applicant requiring a form to be completed which we would send to you.

Providers request information from the Doctor in order to make their best guaranteed offer. The fee is from £500 for this service.

How we can help
If you need further information or wish to proceed with an immediate care annuity guaranteed offer our expert advisers can process all paperwork on your behalf and deal with the provider's administration.   This website is for marketing purposes only and does not provide specific financial or legal advice. Website security issued by GeoTrust and Equifax. Copyright©2001-20 All Rights Reserved