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Annuities News 2014 - Quarter 2
Find out more about developments for annuities and gilt yields for this month or select another month from the table below or the reviews for each month annuities news archives.
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News for the quarter:
Annuity Rates June 2014 Annuity rates vs gilt yields - June 2014
12 June 2014: The Bank of England is in no hurry to raise interest rates sending gilt yields lower followed quickly by enhanced annuity providers.
Budget time table at risk of delays Budget time table risks delays for changes to drawdown and annuities
6 June 2014: Budget changes for pension drawdown and annuities is at risks of Parliamentary delays.
Annuity drawdown plan innovations Annuity drawdown plan would offer greatest flexibility at retirement
23 May 2014: Providers are researching flexible new products combining an annuity with drawdown.
Enhanced annuities fall up to 1.3pc Enhanced annuities fall as Bank of England resist interest rate rise
19 May 2014: Enhanced annuities fall by 1.3% after Bank of England resist rise in interest rates.
Annuity Rates May 2014 Annuity rates vs gilt yields - May 2014
6 May 2014: Despite radical changes in the budget annuity providers have not improved their offers, lowering their rates following falls in demand.
Best annuities to rise with interest rates Best annuities to rise with higher interest rates as economy improves
30 April 2014: The UK best annuities will rise with increases in interest rates in the next 12 months
New fixed term annuity released Fixed term annuity for 1 year released by providers gives more flexibility
27 April 2014: Providers have created a new fixed term annuity with a one year term
Uk annuity income lower with lower equities UK annuity income is lower after FTSE-100 index falls on tech bubble fears
13 April 2014: Income from UK annuities has reduced after equity market falls 3.8% with dotcom fears
Retirement annuities still good value Retirement annuities still good value for those looking for income
10 April 2014: Annuities still represent good value following the radical changes in the Budget.
Annuity Rates April 2014 Annuity rates vs gilt yields - April 2014
5 April 2014: Radical changes in the Budget has resulted in mixed changes for annuities as the people are allowed to take their pension as a cash fund.
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  Age Single Joint  
  55 £4,273 £4,019  
  60 £4,695 £4,418  
  65 £5,361 £4,913  
  70 £6,172 £5,708  
£100,000 purchase, level rates, standard
Unisex rates and joint life basis
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