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Annuities News 2015 - Quarter 1
Find out more about developments for annuities and gilt yields for this month or select another month from the table below or the reviews for each month annuities news archives.
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News for the quarter:
Annuities Budget breakdown Pension income higher as FTSE-100 index reaches all time high
23 March 2015: Pension income boost for people retiring now as the FTSE-100 index reached a high.
Annuities Budget breakdown Budget 2015 changes allow annuities to be sold by retired savers
18 March 2015: Budget to allow annuities to be sold for a cash lump sum or flexi-access drawdown.
Annuity Rates March 2015 Annuity rates vs gilt yields - March 2015
6 March 2015: Gilt yields have recovered all the previous falls with a rise of 47 basis points sending impaired annuity rates higher.
Impaired annuity rates up 3.5% Impaired annuity rates up 3.5% after recovery in gilt yields
27 February 2015: Impaired annuity rates have increase their rates as the 15-year gilt yields recover.
Uk annuities could rise next month UK annuities could rise as gilt yields make strong recovery
18 February 2015: Annuities could rise as 15-year gilt yields recover 52 basis points to a high this year.
Annuity Rates February 2015 Annuity rates vs gilt yields - February 2015
6 February 2015: The 15-year gilt yields have reduced to a new all time low of 1.68% and providers reduced their rates after the ECB starts €1.1 trillion stimulus.
Pension annuity rates to fall with ECB stimulus Pension annuity rates to reduce as ECB starts €1.1 trillion stimulus
23 January 2015: Annuity rates under pressure as the ECB's launches their €60 billion per month stimulus.
Impaired annuities 4.6% lower Impaired annuities down 4.6% as yield pressure builds on providers
21 January 2015: Providers of impaired annuities have reduced their rates by up to 4.6% as gilt yields fall.
Annuity rates fall as yields at all time low Annuity rates fall 4.2% as 15-year gilt yields reach an all time low
15 January 2015: Annuity rates have reduced 4.2% in the past six weeks as the 15-year gilt yields plummet.
Annuity Rates January 2015 Annuity rates vs gilt yields - January 2015
9 January 2015: Annuities have been increased by providers following a bounce back from gilt yields although concern remains over US interest rates.
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  Age Single Joint  
  55 £5,025 £4,644  
  60 £5,501 £5,102  
  65 £6,168 £5,832  
  70 £7,003 £6,583  
£100,000 purchase, level rates, standard
Unisex rates and joint life basis
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