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Pension Audit Report
Pension Audit Report
A pension audit report is admissible in court and could add 30% to 40% to the pension fund value when compared to the CETV. Ask for a free initial consultation to see if it is suitable in your case.  
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Pension audit reports are suitable where a spouse has a defined benefit scheme with a CETV of £30,000 or more, with an A (significant) rating for your situation or a CETV of £100,000 or more with a B (moderate) rating for your situation. In these situations a fair value of the pension can be 30% to 40% greater than the CETV value.
Audit Rating Table (more)
Details the type of situation where a pension audit report used for evidence in court can add value for rating A and B. In particular for public service schemes such as Police, Fire & Rescue, Armed Forces, Prison Services, Teachers and NHS or larger CETV valued private final salary schemes.
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Free Initial Consultation
From the audit rating table you can see it can be complex to value a pension scheme. Our pensions on divorce experts will determine if an audit report is suitable for you and can add value in court.
Audit Process
If your situation and spouse's pension CETV value is large enough to add value you may wish to proceed with the audit report. Our pensions o
n divorce experts will advise you of the cost in your case and the time it will take to produce the report once all the information about the pension scheme has been collected.   This website is for marketing purposes only and does not provide specific financial or legal advice. Website security issued by GeoTrust and Equifax. Copyright©2001-17 All Rights Reserved