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Diabetes Annuity Quote
Diabetes Annuity Quote
We can quote for pension funds of £10,000 or more (£7,500 after tax free cash). Fill in One Form to search provider providers offering up to 30% higher rates if your diabetes is diet, tablet and in particular insulin dependent.  
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  The rates for a diabetes annuity increase with it's severity from diet to insulin dependent and if there are related medical conditions.  
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Pension Scheme Details
  If your pension fund is £7,500 or more after tax free cash we can produce a quote for you. Using the statement from your provider, enter the total value of your pension fund. From 6 April 2012 protected rights is treated in the same way as non-protected funds. If you want to take 25% tax free cash, deduct this from the total fund value. The 'Purchase Annuity' box is used for the annuity quote.  
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Features of your Annuity
  If you are comparing our quote to the annuity income shown on your provider statement, please ensure you are comparing "like for like" and that the features you add are exactly the same. The following is defaulted to a level annuity, single life, paid monthly in advance with no guarantee. Please change this if required.  
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Diabetes annuity quotes are suitable for people with a pension fund of £10,000 or more (£7,500 after tax free cash). If you suffer from diabetes that is controlled by diet, tablet and especially insulin you will receive an enhanced income from your annuity.
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